People and carts quietly walk along Via di Porta San Sebastiano passing under the Arch of Drusus. A few steps away from the Arch is the Sepulcher of the Scipioni, a monumental construction which served to contain the remains of the family whose progenitor was, in 298 BC, the consul Lucio Cornelio Scipione Barbato. The first discovery dates back to 1614, but we owe the real discovery to two priest brothers and owners of the vineyard above, who in 1780, with the intention of enlarging the cellar, found the entrance.

It is possible to visit the tomb by contacting the Museo delle Mura at Porta San Sebastiano.

  • Year: 1920 approx
  • Photographer: Unknown
  • Location: Via di Porta San Sebastiano
  • Source: Internet

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