A vanished Rome in this beautiful photo of Borgo Nuovo, use the zoom to read the signs of the shops on the Palazzo dei Convertendi : pantry of genuine milk from the Roman countryside, a small emporium and many others. The Palazzo dei Convertendi was demolished, together with the entire Spina di Borgo and rebuilt along via della Conciliazione . Some people didn’t have the patience to wait for the shutter speeds of the time and look like ghosts.

Palazzo dei Convertendi today

Piazza Scossacavalli (1900 ca)

Via della Conciliazione is a road in Rome that connects Largo Giovanni XXIII to Piazza Pio XII, facing Piazza San Pietro.
Ideally it connects the capital of Italy with the Vatican State, along a route that develops from Castel Sant’Angelo to Piazza San Pietro; the road ends in piazza Pio XII, where a thin line of Roman travertine, taken from the nearby quarries of Tivoli, outlines the state border with the Vatican City, scenically framing the petrine basilica.
It is one of the most discussed and harshly criticized urban planning works of the twentieth century.