In the background of the photo we see the former Garbatella Theater Cinema and part of the surrounding buildings which are part of the heart of the project by architects Giovannoni and Piacentini conceived between 1920 and 1922 on commission from the Istituto Case Popolari. Despite being in the Ostiense district, this nucleus has always been called “Garbatella” (almost as if it were a district) whose toponym seems to be due to an old tradition which has it that in ancient times a local landlady welcomed the Romans who went on a trip “out of town”. The former theater born from the project by Innocenzo Sabbatini in 1927, and avant-corps of the residential building, has kept its appearance almost unchanged over the years. From its opening, until almost the 1990s, its function remained the same, however, despite having risked complete closure and transformation into a bingo hall, it now houses one of the university’s headquarters in the capital.

  • Year: 1927
  • Photographer: Unknown
  • Location: Piazza Bartolomeo Romano
  • Source: Photographic History of Rome 1920-1929

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