The Colonnacce in the Forum of Nerva with the ground still to be excavated. The street numbers refer to via della Croce Bianca which crossed the better known via Alessandrina . We are used to seeing the writing “Oven” in this place, but in this photo, unpublished for me, there is an evolution. ” Edible genres ” and then what?


The Forum of Nerva or Foro Transitorio is one of the five imperial forums of Rome, the penultimate one to be built before the Forum of Trajan. The complex was built by the emperor Domitian. From a quote by Martial we deduce that it must have already been designed in the years 85-86, but together with the temple of Minerva that once stood there, it was officially inaugurated in late 97, after the assassination of Domitian, by his successor Nerva, from whom resumed its official name. In the sources it is also often mentioned with the name of “Transitorio”, which refers to its function of passage between the Suburra and the Roman Forum, previously performed by the via dell’Argileto, of which it occupied a stretch, but also to the function of junction, which it assumed thanks to its topographical position, between the previous imperial forums (of Augustus and Caesar), the complex of the Forum of Peace and the Roman Forum. (wiki)