The Arditi Neri or Dubat Somali were a military specialty created by Governor De Vecchi in 1924 and used by the Italian colonial troops until 1941. In this image from 1937 we see them stationed in front of the entrance to Palazzo Venezia; on that occasion they paraded along the Imperial Forums, under the amazed eyes of the Romans for the celebrations of the proclamation of the Empire. They rode an unusual variety of dromedary called Mehara, much appreciated for its ability to travel great distances (at a rapid pace) up to 200 km per day.

  • Year: 1937
  • Photographer: Unknown
  • Location: Piazza Venezia
  • Source: Internet


 Usare la maniglia centrale per spostare la tendina e vedere le due immagini sovrapposte. Se non dovesse essere totalmente visibile, è possibile metterla a tutto schermo con il tasto in alto a destra nell’immagine.