I Due Compari, a 1955 film, features Aldo Fabrizi and Peppino De Filippo as protagonists in the role of fraudulent street vendors. In the image we see them at work in Piazza Navona. In the Middle Ages, the latter was the site of carnival celebrations, tournaments, and the so-called lake festivals, which previously took place in Piazza Farnese and Via Giulia. In fact, every Saturday evening in August they closed the sewer located at the Fontana del Moro, so the central part of the square, then concave, was completely flooded in two hours and the flooding lasted until 1 am on the following Sunday. Only a trace remains of this use, in fact many old houses overlooking the square have a second entrance door, in the adjacent streets, so that the inhabitants could access the houses avoiding parties and flooding.


  • Year: 1955
  • Photographer: Unknown
  • Location: Piazza Navona
  • Source: Internet


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