When the Palazzo Piombino was demolished in 1889, the rulers had no idea how to replace it. In fact, in this shot from 1895 we can see the empty space that is now occupied by the Galleria Alberto Sordi, better known as the Colonna. We have to wait for 1891 to have a fake “Padiglione dell’Allegria” for the carnival party of that year. Then in 1904 the void was covered by plants and green spots on the occasion of the visit of the President of the French Republic Loubet. And again in 1911 the architect Piacentini raised a stupendous temporary pavilion for the international exhibition. But only after having viewed 69 projects without arriving at anything, the idea of building a tunnel, the current one, prevailed. The building was designed by Dario Carbone and inaugurated as a disengaged space and lounge in 1922.

  • Year: 1895
  • Photographer: Unknown
  • Location: Piazza Colonna
  • Source: Internet

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