1944. German soldiers appear in front of Palazzo Venezia near a painting from the Library of the National Museum of Naples during the ceremony of restitution to the Italian Social Republic (RSI). Indeed Adolf Hitler during the Second World War stole thousands of works of art from all the countries of Europe to bring them to the Museum of Linz, in Austria, emulating Napoleon’s choice with the Louvre. Behind the soldiers we see a portion of Palazzo Venezia, a work from 1455, commissioned by Pope Paul II (at the time Cardinal Pietro Barbo). When he was elected pope, he had the building enlarged and it reached its current dimensions, at the same time the part called the Palazzetto di Venezia was also built, which was essentially the private garden of the palace. We no longer have a trace of the original building because between 1909 and 1911 it was demolished to make room around the Vittoriano and an imitation of it was rebuilt next to the Basilica of San Marco, therefore what we see today can be considered an “authentic architectural fake”. Both the palace and the palazzetto were inhabited from the beginning by the cardinals of San Marco and by the popes as a summer residence before the construction of the Quirinale, until Pius IV donated the palace in 1560 to the Republic of Venice as a residence for his ambassadors in Rome .

  • Year: 1944
  • Photographer: Unknown
  • Location: Piazza Venezia
  • Source: Internet

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