The Magnani in this image is located at the only point in Rome from which three “Sistine” obelisks can be seen at the same time: two indicating the nodal points of the road system built by Sixtus V (Trinità dei Monti and Santa Maria Maggiore) and the third from purely ornamental function surmounts the group of Dioscuri in Piazza del Quirinale. The four statues inside the fountains depict the Tiber with a she-wolf (symbol of Rome), the Arno with a lion (symbol of Florence), Diana and Juno who respectively represent loyalty and fortitude. It should also be remembered that the Diana fountain in the photo is a project by Pietro da Cortona.


Use the central handle to move the curtain and see the two superimposed images. If it should not be totally visible, it is possible to put it in full screen with the button at the top right of the image.
  • Year: 1956 approx
  • Photographer: Marcello Geppetti
  • Position: Via delle Quattro Fontane
  • Source: Internet