Aerial view around the 1930s, Verano , San Lorenzo con lo Scalo and San Giovanni can be recognized from right to left.

Panorama (1930)

The San Lorenzo yard was activated with the contiguous depot of railway carriages in conjunction with the opening of the Rome-Orte section of the Ancona railway (“Pio-Centrale”), on 1 April 1865. With the construction of the yard, the neighborhood new inhabitants, especially railway workers and workers, and the road network is improved.
The airport is sadly famous for having been one of the targets of the bombings of 19 July 1943, which destroyed most of its systems and tracks. After eleven o’clock that day, an air squadron flew over the airport bombing it together with the district of the same name, the first attack hit the tracks right in the middle together with two wagons and a shed; other attacks hit and destroyed the electrical substations, the switches, the sorting warehouses, the offices and the trains parked on the railway tracks. The bombs also devastated the avenue of the airport and the Verano cemetery. (wiki)