Photograph of the Roman Forum taken from the bell tower of the Basilica of Santa Francesca Romana . On the left you can see the church of Santa Maria Liberatrice and the buildings on the slopes of the Campidoglio , towards the Rupe Tarpea area. The details are many, what do you notice interesting?

Foro Romano

The Tarpeian rock (Latin: Rupes Tarpeia or Saxum Tarpeium ) is the rocky wall located on the southern side of the Campidoglio in Rome, from which traitors sentenced to death were thrown, who in this way were symbolically expelled from the City. It is a tufa hill that hosts various green areas, such as the Belvedere Garden of Villa Tarpea.
According to the mythographic tradition, the name Saxum Tarpeium derives from the eponymous figure of Tarpeia, whose story is linked to the war between Rome and the Sabines of Tito Tazio. Tarpeia was a vestal virgin, daughter of the Roman commander Spurio Tarpeo, guardian of the Capitoline fortress. It was Tarpeia who let herself be corrupted by Tito Tazio, king of the Sabines, commander of their army, allies of the Samnites, and who opened the gates of Rome to the enemy army, causing the Roman army to be caught off guard. If this is the story, the reason for the betrayal instead becomes part of the legend that many Roman poets and storytellers have told, making it reach today. (wiki)