Beautiful photo taken from the Aventine hill which shows us the panorama of the Tiber with the completed walls, on the right via della Salara towards piazza Bocca della Verità . On the left, the Lungotevere on the Trastevere side is still under construction. Still on the Trastevere side, the bell tower of the church of Santa Maria In Cappella can be recognized, close to the rest home of S.Francesca Romana .

Santa Maria in the chapel

The church of Santa Maria in Cappella is a church in Rome, in the Trastevere district, located in Vicolo di S. Maria in Cappella, 6. This very ancient church is remembered for the first time by a plaque, placed on the right as you enter, which recalls the day of the consecration (March 25, 1090 ), which took place by Pope Urban II, and its name ad pineam (ie near the pine cone).
The church is not mentioned much during the centuries following the 11th. In addition to the consecration of an altar in 1113, the church is remembered when, for reasons of stability, the right aisle was closed to the public and in 1391 Andreozzo Ponziani, father-in-law of Francesca Romana , founded the hospital of the Santissimo Salvatore there after restoration. Upon his death, the hospital was entrusted to Francesca and the church then passed to the Oblates of Tor de’ Specchi, who in 1540 ceded it to the company of barrel workers. (wiki)