A magnificent image of Pier Paolo Pasolini, one of the most controversial but major artists and intellectuals of the 20th century. It’s 1960 and Pasolini has just finished shooting “Accattone” which will be released in 1961, then his other masterpieces will arrive in the following years: “Mamma Roma”, “La ricotta”, “The Gospel according to Matthew”. Here we see him portrayed along Viale Marconi at Via Ascanio Sobrero. This avenue is probably the main artery of the Portuense district which perfectly represents the building speculation typical of the 60s and 70s. However it is a territory of great historical value as in the fifth century BC it was part of the possessions of the Etruscans, but being less than 20 km from the Campidoglio, they constituted a threat. Therefore the Romans fought on that field by driving out the Etruscans of Veio and obtaining in exchange very fertile lands. Ironically, today, this area is among the least “green” of Rome.

  • Year: 1960
  • Photographer: Unknown
  • Position: Via Guglielmo Marconi
  • Source: Private archive