Three photos of Piazza di Ponte Sisto (today more or less Piazza Trilussa), three views that no longer exist, but luckily some small details allow us to understand where they were taken from before the demolition for the construction of the walls. On the map you will find the shooting positions, while scrolling down the page there are the three old photos superimposed on the current views.

Photo 1
Here we are in Via di Ponte Sisto rather than Piazza di Ponte Sisto, beyond the awning on the left the Lungotevere begins to take shape and we see the beginning of Ponte Sisto. At the end of the road to the right of the photo you can recognize the Enoteca Ferrara building.

Photo 2
The road to the building under construction (still existing and with the local Freni e Frizioni) is Via Politeama, even the small building on the right (Ferrara wine shop) is still standing, all the rest has been demolished.

Photo 3
The street on the left is Via Benedetta, on the right in the background the attack of Ponte Sisto can be recognized and in the distance Borromini’s roof terrace at Palazzo Falconieri. All the buildings photographed no longer exist.