After the construction wanted by Pope Alexander VI in the imminence of the Jubilee of 1500 of the via Alessandrina, with the subsequent transformations called via di Borgo Nuovo by the Romans, the buildings of Borgo were delimited by two streets called Borgo Nuovo the one to the north, and Borgo Vecchio , the one to the south. The result was an urban layout with an elongated triangular shape with the tip facing Castel Sant’Angelo, which, due to its resemblance to that of the spine of a Roman circus, took the name of “Spina di Borgo”.
The demolition of the spina: the works lasted from 1936, when via della Conciliazione was built on the basis of a project elaborated by Marcello Piacentini and Attilio Spaccarelli, until 1950, on the occasion of the jubilee.