Beautiful and unpublished photo showing us the Moses fountain (Acqua Felice exhibition) and the church of Santa Maria della Vittoria in Piazza San Bernardo. Normal everyday life, we see people chatting in front of the fountain and still a wheelchair turns waiting for customers. In particular, those of the tram coming from Termini Station are recognized for lovers of rail transport. Further down you find the same perspective today. :)

From the Facebook page

Mauro : “The square lost its connotation in 1939 with the creation of Largo Santa Susanna and the demolition of Palazzo Amici (by the architect Gaetano Kock in 1883) and the consequent opening of via L. Bissolati.”

Giuliana : “Beautiful photo, I know the square well, unfortunately it is suffocated by traffic! Bernini’s ecstasy of Santa Teresa is always worth a visit anyway.”

Piazza San Bernardo

The fountain, or Mostra dell’Acqua Felice or also the fountain of Moses, was so named in honor of Pope Sixtus V, born Felice Peretti: the pope’s intention was to supply water to the spring districts in the Viminal and Quirinal hills and in particular his sumptuous and vast villa Montalto, which extended over both hills.
For this purpose, the Alessandrino aqueduct was restored, so called from the name of the Roman emperor Alexander Severus under whose reign it had been built starting from 222, using water from springs present in the “Prati dell’osteria” and at Pantanella , not far from Palestrina.