Beautiful image from above of the Città Giardino-Aniene area, today Monte Sacro . At the center of the photo Piazza Sempione and the Church of SS. Angeli Custodi almost completed, bottom left the tram in the direction of Ponte Tazio .

Piazza Sempione

The denomination of “Piazza Sempione”, dedicated to the Sempione pass between the Pennine Alps and the Lepontine Alps in line with the local toponymy, appeared for the first time in the public session of the City Council on 16 December 1921 , which included it among the denominations waiting to be assigned in the building district of the Città Giardino Aniene. It appeared for the first time in the Toponymic Dictionary of the City of Rome in 1938.
The square was built as part of the ” Città Giardino Aniene ” project by Gustavo Giovannoni during the 1920s as the administrative and cultural center of the newborn district. In fact, it immediately housed the building complex which was the seat of the municipal delegation (subsequently of the governorate), of various shops, of a school and of the postal and telegraph offices. (wiki)