Oriana Fallaci in an article in the European entitled “Via Veneto décolleté di Roma”: «At two in the morning, when the intellectuals have gone to sleep and Scelba has passed without stopping, followed by the bodyguard, they arrive with the roar of racing cars the big names in cinema. There is now room for everyone and the “custom-built” boats approach the left bank like ships docking at a port. There is Rossellini’s Ferrari, Raf Vallone’s Jaguar, Kerima’s Mg, Rascel’s B21, Anthony Quinn’s Mercedes, who gets off, huge and hairy like Zampanò, to go and drink a whiskey at Strega’s. Everyone drinks whiskey at that hour. Asking for a coffee or an orange soda would be considered a sign of serious disrespect”.

  • Anno: 1961
  • Photographer: Pierluigi Praturlon
  • Location: Via Vittorio Veneto
  • Source: Internet