[Project Color] Tiber (c. 1950) – Shot by Pier Paolo Pasolini near Ponte Sant’Angelo , other splendid shots at the bottom of the page.

Tiber (c. 1950)Tiber (c. 1950)

Pier Paolo Pasolini (Bologna, March 5, 1922 – Ostia, November 2, 1975) was an Italian poet, writer, director, screenwriter, actor and playwright. Considered among the major Italian intellectuals of the twentieth century; culturally versatile, he distinguished himself in numerous fields, also leaving contributions as a painter, novelist, linguist, translator and essayist.
Careful observer of the changes in Italian society from the second post-war period until the mid-seventies as well as a controversial figure at times, he often aroused strong controversies and heated debates due to the radical nature of his judgments, very critical of bourgeois habits and the nascent consumer society, as also towards the Sixty-eight and its protagonists. His relationship with his own homosexuality was at the center of his public persona. (wiki)