In this unpublished photo we are in via Carlo Alberto and in front of us, the beautiful Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore . Accompanying men with the ever-present hat and women with skirts around their ankles a. You can also see the column erected in the square of the same name with the fountain below by Maderno . But how wide are the streets without parked cars?

Via Carlo Alberto

The papal Liberian archpriest major archbasilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, known simply by the name of basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore or basilica Liberiana (because on its site it was thought there was a cult building erected by Pope Liberius, which however has been denied by investigations carried out under the pavement), is one of the four papal basilicas of Rome, located in Piazza dell’Esquilino on the top of the homonymous hill, on the top of the Cispio, between the Monti district and the Esquilino. It is the only basilica in Rome to have preserved the primitive paleo-Christian structure, albeit enriched by subsequent additions.