In 1938 some buildings were still standing close to the Church of Santi Luca e Martina inside the Roman Forum, the inn is beautiful and today it has disappeared and on the left the Marmetino Prison which gives its name to the road.

The Mamertine or Tullian Prison (Carcer Tullianum in Latin) is a very ancient prison, the oldest in Rome, and is located in the Roman Forum.

It was the symbolic prison for illustrious prisoners of ancient Rome and it is no coincidence that it is located in a very central area, close to the Via Sacra in the Forum. For about a thousand years, it hosted the great enemies of the people and the state, the great vanquished and the great traitors of Rome: from the king of the Samnites Pontius to the king of the Gauls Vercingetorix, from Peter the Apostle to the conspirators of Catilina.